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  • Travelers tunes – O’ wonderer

    We used a spring chamber found in a cafe up the west coast , we hit a large metal drum with a hammer, Tarynn played an accordian that only worked with one F# note and we hit and shook various instruments from Africa and Bali. Along the way we had a drummer play an electric […]

  • Final mix- Shadow Operators

    I had the pleasure of working with visual artist Mer from¬†Orphan Drift doing vocal recording and final mix. We recorded various vocal takes to complement the mood and visual aspect of the moment. Shadow Operators was commissioned for Sounding The Counterfactual at Goldsmiths College in June 2014. The video was screened with work by AudInt […]

  • Music production course

    Learn how to record and produce music . Using Ableton Live you will understand how to record a full band, how to program and record midi instruments and mix and master your track. The course works over 5 lessons of an hour and a half each .¬† Lesson 1: The basics of the software program […]

  • Record a song and shoot a video

    Summer package deal for singer songwriters. Record one song and shoot a video all in one. Flat rate of R3000. Do you have a song you want to record and an idea for a video ? Of course it’s low budget but it’s also going to look and sound great. Often the best works come […]