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  • No fins ? No problem !

    After the 2015 J-Bay Open final had ended due to the meeting between man and shark, Derek Hynd and a few others surfed the empty waves. Watching derek ride a finless board was a refreshing eye opener . I caught a few of his waves on camera along with kelly Slaters long ride after his […]

  • Filming a Dungeons tow session

    On Saturday 30 May, I got up early to check the size of the surf coming into Dungeons. From Chapmans Peak it looked big but the wind was giving the swell an uneven bump. After watching for a while , I decided to head back to my studio as I saw no-one out and it […]

  • Jamie Jupiter-Heaven Knows

      A small shoot up on the mountain in Hout Bay. We used minimal props to create this  music video for Jamie Jupiter. Shot on a Panasonic GH3 with a Rokinon 85mm and a Lumix 100-300mm lens. After the mountain we shot a small set at Frankie Congo studio. A few timelapse shots and various cutaways helped […]

  • Jamie Jupiter records “Heaven Knows” at Frankie Congo

        Jamie Jupiter in the studio recording a new song ” Heaven Knows” . A super cool track featuring acoustic guitar and banjo with one kick drum keeping the pace . I’ll post the track when it has been mastered by the great Fuzzy at Sound&Motion.