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  • The Wanderer recording sessions

    Tarynn O Wanderer..a couple of days and a there we had it. Songs for her first album. The sessions were based around the songs Tarynn had written, and recording them in a very raw live performance way. We tried a variety of guitars and went with what felt right for each song. After the songs were […]

  • Shadow Operators

    Spent a day with Mer Liquify doing a sound mix and voice recordings for her show ‘Shadow Operators’ with Kode9 in London. The event is called  “Sounding the Counterfactual: Hyperstition and Audial Futurities”.   27th&28th June 2014 at Goldsmiths University.

  • Luxe War

    I spent a day filming at the SBH cotton mill studio in Epping on sunday 18 May . The shoot was for a  brazilian clothing designer, who has called Cape Town home for a number of years. Permission for the location was only received on the saturday so there was no recce which meant walking in […]

  • Camera love

    Is it possible to develop a relationship with your camera ? I’m starting to think so and it’s all because of the Panasonic GH4 ,which shoots at 4K. Don’t ask me why that’s good, because you can JGI ( Just google it).  It’ s the images from this test that look great and hold up […]